Killester College

The need for refurbishment of a two storey dated tradition cellular classroom building, provided the impetus to create a new dynamic flexible learning facility for years 9 and 10 at Killester College for Girls.

The new facility supports the school’s targeted pedagogical approach to the diverse learning needs of students that nurture’s collaboration.

The ground floor year 9 learning neighbourhood focused on innovation in learning and aimed at fostering inquiry based learning. Teaching spaces are tailored to support the learning needs of young women, providing ample space to interact in a comfortable environment, to support better engagement within learning spaces.

Innovative group working spaces were developed through collaborative engagement with the college’s educational leaders, to be highly flexible and inventive with curtains, sliding screens and hinged writing/pinboard walls to allow rapid spatial manipulation for personalised learning. A staged area, data projectors, interactive TV screens, soft couches, walls of coloured writing boards and a variety of flexible furniture complete the highly interactive space. The first floor foot print incorporates defined year 10 senior learning areas grouped around a connected central breakout space.

The generous central area creates a highly flexible use of space that provides the opportunity for casual student interaction, exploratory learning and larger multi class gatherings. The extensive use of glazed walls and large sliding doors between other primary learning spaces allows visual transparency and inter connectivity, encouraging an open dialogue to enhance the collaborative learning experience.

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