Crosier Scott supports Swinburne GRADX

At Crosier Scott Architects we are constantly inspired and intrigued by the new generation of architects and designers. Therefore, we found it fitting to become sponsors for GradX, an event that highlights the forward-thinking efforts of university students, who will shortly enter into the Architectural and wider design industries.

GradX is a Design Graduation Exhibition produced by Swinburne University of Technology that showcases the works of Graduating design students highlighting degrees in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Product Design Engineering, and Communication Design.

The Design Graduate Exhibition runs from the 26th until the 28th of November, with awards being presented on the 28th. Further information about the event, attendance and more can be found here.

This year’s exhibition includes the work from Belinda Krmpotic, an interior designer at the firm who has recently completed her Interior Architecture degree at Swinburne. Belinda has designed an innovative community space, reimagined from an existing carpark in Fitzroy. Titled “The Blank Canvas”, the design encapsulates the unique culture of Fitzroy whilst addressing issues of loneliness within local communities. The Blank Canvas provides a design solution that reimagines the way individuals interact with themselves and others in a dense, city based environment that tackles the social issues of loneliness. The Blank Canvas results in an interactive space for locals and a blank canvas to inspire local graffiti artists to contribute to the artistic culture of the suburb.

We are excited to see the works from Swinburne University of Technology students, of which we have had a lasting relationship with having worked with them to enhance the campus experience. We are proud to see Belinda’s progression at a tertiary and professional level and will continue to facilitate her growth at Crosier Scott Architects.

To view more of Belinda’s and other students work, follow this link.

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