Ego Pharmaceuticals Greencore Project Commences

Ego Pharmaceuticals is expanding plant area, on it’s Braeside site.  The brief for this Greencore project calls for additional HVAC systems, as well as provisions for other future projects such as solar & battery power, electrical distribution boards, and data cabinets to allow Ego to continue it’s Industry 4.0 transformation.

The first stage of Construction commences at the Greencore site.  The laborious workload for the initial few weeks is concrete cutting, hammering and excavating, along with noise, fumes and dust.  The most recent works to have occurred is the concrete pour of 111 cubic metres for the lift/tower crane plus footings and tie beams for the project.  Just the lift/tower crane pictured, holds approximately 70 cubic metres of concrete.

Crosier Scott is proud to collaborate  with Aspekt Construction Group and Ego Pharmaceuticals on another exciting project.

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