October 2017 – 3D Concept of Catholic Church

A principal design objective for this church was to create engagement with the broader local community. One of the primary initiatives was the carefully considered layering of materials and spaces to create a transparent architecture that would be inviting and hospitable. The arrival experience starts on approach with a welcoming entrance designed to be open and accessible and draw visitors from the main entrance towards the worshiping space. The message of religious culture is communicated subtly through the play of light and shadow in this architecture.

The planning for the site echoes the community engagement ethos by seeking to anchor the church to the broader pastoral care and education activities of the parish.

The church has a raw, natural and non-decorative material language. Materials and finishes reflect the rural location, with the proposed use of local natural materials to enable skilled expertise from parishioners. This church seeks to provide not only a worship and meditation space for Christians, but also a gathering place for the community.

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