Corpus Christi Community, Greenvale Victoria

Corpus Christi Community Greenvale is a redevelopment of an existing homeless housing facility in Melbourne’s suburban fringe.

The new $20m facility has been designed as 2 separate buildings, a 2 storey accommodation block accommodating 90 bedrooms, with ancillary facilities to allow both low & high care support to be provided to residents as well as an administration/facilities building which will accommodate a front of house administration office, commercial kitchen,  laundry facilities, dining rooms, and a multi-purpose space.

The new building will emphasis connections to landscape and community 7 & 8 bedroom wings have a high degree of transparency and are clustered around bright and airy communal living rooms to encourage residents to take ownership of spaces beyond their bedrooms and develop strong connections with their immediate neighbours.

The new facilities will realise the clients’ ambition to create an environment that removes the isolation created by traditional designs and focuses on spaces that encourage inclusiveness as well as a passive design that promotes health & well-being.

Photography:  Emily Bartlett Photography

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