Trugo Place (Japara), Newport Victoria

Located adjacent to Newport Lakes with views towards Port Phillip Bay, Trugo Place is imbued with a sense of peace and calm. Communal spaces and living areas are flooded with natural light, while external views work to ground residents in space and time. Natural light and air penetrate the building, and generous connections provide direct access to the landscape.


A collaborative approach with Hobsons Bay council recognised key functional considerations could be designed within a recessive upper level that was not visible from Newport Lakes and the Jack Madigan reserve on Mason Street. This allowed a 4 level facility to be approved within a 3 level planning control zone.


A welcoming entry lobby leads to a central avenue, opening up expansive views of the facility and through to Newport Lakes, allowing an immediate understanding of layout and navigation. High-end amenities located off this thoroughfare present opportunities for mingling and social activity.


The use of robust materiality internally allowed design cohesion and the addition of tactile warmth in materials, fixtures, fittings and furniture. Timber elements and bright, large-format vinyl graphics add visual cues to spatial function, while a feature fireplace provides a central hearth and gathering point.


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