Japara Healthcare, Highton Victoria

Set on a sloping site, this 132 bed facility is a showpiece of contemporary retirement living that offers world-class amenities with a lifestyle to match.

The conditions of the site made designing a safe, comfortable, compliant, and pleasant series of internal and external spaces for residents a challenge. The resulting design solution offers world-class amenities and a lifestyle that is enviable to all generations. The challenging site was beset by both horizontal and vertical movement issues that required a high level of design resolution for movement through the building. The design gradually steps up the slope, maximising the views over Geelong, with ‘fingers’ radiating from a central spine that allow maximum natural light and winter sun penetration, all leading to a striking 3-storey façade that presents a proud and easily identifiable character to the street-frontage.

Additionally to the sloping site, the design also had to contend with masses of established vegetation on the site, primarily made up of a large copse of scrubby trees to one side and mature sugar gum trees throughout. Rather than subsuming these elements, we embraced them, making the landscape a feature of the facility and channelling the significant overland flows and storm water from neighbouring sites for secondary use and aesthetics.

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