Greenvale Early Learning Centre

Crosier Scott Architect’s design objective was to use natural materials and finishes within the internal environment to compliment the naturally well-lit spaces to evoke positivity amongst the pre-school aged children.

Being geographically located in a residential zone, this Early Learning facility models a homely and welcoming characteristic which presents as a positive compromise fulfilling the Statutory requirements and achieving a fit for purpose facility. The design is sculpted around the main ‘multi-purpose’ room used for pre-school aged children. This room has a strong correlation between indoor and outdoor space providing strong connectivity to the exterior play space with clear supervision for student safety. The outdoor playground space consists of multisensory play equipment placed on synthetic turf creating an innocuous surface for the pre-school children to play on. In continuity with good design principles and aesthetics the uses of natural materials and finishes in the internal environment is also central as it evokes positive stimulation on mind, body and the environment encouraging growth and security amongst the ‘junior’ clientele.

Photography: Sarah Louise Photography

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