St. Peters Primary School

The school had outgrown its existing facilities. Building extensions to the main academic building and portables have provided the necessary additional teaching classrooms, but the original design of school administration and staff lounge had become insufficient for their needs.

The school facilities have become dated and were uninspiring and there was no celebration of arrival to the school. The staff lounge was drab and overcrowded.

The requirement was to provide a quality facility to encourage and engage stakeholders in all aspects of learning with the flexibility to have alternative activities undertaken simultaneously whilst allowing the schools educational pedagogy to evolve and adapt over time.

A new modern entry and generous colourful reception provides a welcoming warm physical presence and creates a first impression of quality and professionalism.

The existing student amenities, providing additional valuable space for staff administration and staff lounge facilities, whilst new vibrant student amenities were constructed within the existing underutilised mass centre, which is more centrally located to both learning areas and play spaces.

The existing centralised courtyard has now given way to a truly flexible multi-purpose learning environment. The space has been designed to accommodate many alternative learning styles and opportunities, as well as providing a much needed warm and inviting gathering space for community members. The challenge was to enable as much natural light as possible into the space which is enclosed on 3 sides by existing built form. A pitching ceiling and high level roof lantern bathes the space with good natural light providing a stimulating and calm environment.

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