Seniors Living | Aged Care Projects

Seniors Living developments present a truly unique opportunity to create facilities of outstanding calibre in keeping with the character and values of both the providers and future residents. They are an opportunity to create forward-thinking and inspirational Seniors Living environments that enrich lives. Crosier Scott Architects is well positioned to deliver the outcomes that our clients require, supporting intellectual, physical, and emotional well being to residents through choice, community and outstanding design. We passionately believe that the design outcomes we deliver, are helping to shape the development of exemplary Seniors Living outcomes across the industry.

Our experience in Seniors Living enables us to design market responsive facilities that are welcoming and engaging for residents, as well as efficient to operate for providers. Our Seniors Living communities are designed to be ‘connected’, so that living environments promote well being and offer a true sense of place and a vibrant lifestyle that allows residents to form strong connections to the surrounding community.

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